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Believe you me – here at VeinsNet.com we know how unsightly, and sometimes painful, varicose veins can be. We also know the effect on life they can have with many wanting to keep them hidden and feeling very conscious about them.

Treatment of varicose veins is always for one of three main reasons:

  1. To cure associated pain and discomfort
  2. To treat or prevent medical complications or skin discolouration
  3. Purely for cosmetic reasons

Varicose veins may not always require medical treatment. If there is any pain, discomfort or you’re concerned with complications or skin discolouration then you should always speak to someone professional or a qualified vascular specialist. Even if they are not causing pain of discomfort we still recommend getting them checked out professionally.

Compression stockings, regular exercise, avoiding standing for long periods of time and keeping the affected area elevated when at rest will all help but if the condition requires additional treatment then options exist such as endothermal ablation, radiofrequency ablation, endovenous laser treatment or sclerotherapy. If the condition requires surgery then most surgeons use a technique called ligation and stripping (tying off the affected veins) or a relatively new process called transilluminated powered phlebectomy! Some complicated terminology but don’t worry – we simplify all this on the various pages of this website.

About Us

We’d like to stress … we’re NOT professionals and don’t pretend to be so. If you have any concerns whatsoever you should visit your doctor without delay. What we do here is examine the natural products and methods that may reduce the unsightly appearance of varicose veins. We want to help you look great and feel more confident about yourself by treating or preventing varicose veins using safe products and natural methods.

The website itself was as a result of the experiences of Patricia Taylorson. Patricia herself has been affected by varicose veins and has undergone various different treatments but always favours a natural solution. In her own words:

I have had problems with varicose veins for many years and am not shy in talking about them. In my many conversations, medical consultations and research I’ve come across lots of different ways that are claimed to be effective. Obviously the only sure fire way to completely cure varicose veins is through a surgical option which can be both costly and painful. But what about the natural ways to cure or prevent varicose veins? There are so many “old wives tales” and claimed natural cures that surely some of these are actually effective? This website is my public forum to share my findings and experiences.

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We like to work in an honest, ethical and upfront manner at all times. You will see that we have made this website secure with an SSL Certificate. We do NOT collect any personal information about our visitors and hence do not run any form of  direct marketing or mailing list. You won’t come across any annoying pop-up ads or subscription boxes and you will notice an affiliate disclosure on every page and post. as required by the FTC

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