The risk of varicose veins during pregnancy is really something to be aware of. All expectant mothers are at very high risk of first developing varicose veins during pregnancy. For others any existing condition may well worsen during this time. Why is this?

During pregnancy a number of changes happen in the body system of the expectant mother. These changes obviously include an increase in body weight and enhanced hormonal secretion. These changes are perfectly normal and contribute to the healthy growth of the unborn baby. However, they can also overburden the circulatory system. Hence varicose veins during pregnancy are very common.

Best Leg Workouts For Varicose Veins


Let’s examine the reasons for this and what you can do to counter the increased risk of varicose veins during pregnancy.

The Risk Of Varicose Veins During Pregnancy

This increased risk of varicose veins during pregnancy is a scientifically proven fact. The reasons for this are simple and threefold:

  1. During pregnancy you body will naturally produce more blood. Sometimes as much as 20% more. The increase is needed to provide all the nutrients your developing baby needs in order to grow. Quite simply, extra blood means extra pressure on the walls of the veins. This, in turn, results in a significantly increased risk of varicose veins forming.
  2. As the unborn baby grows the uterus is pushed against the veins in the pelvic area. These are the veins responsible for pumping the blood back from the legs to the heart. This additional pressure on the veins can cause a partial blockage meaning that the flow of blood is impeded. Hence, again, there is a significant increase in risk that some will become varicose.
  3. Finally, the increase in hormone levels of progesterone during pregnancy has an adverse effect of making the venal walls more relaxed and softer. This makes it hard for them to work properly. Yet again, this means an increase in the danger of varicose veins.

Each one of these issues, specific to pregnancy, increases the risk of varicose veins during pregnancy in its own right. Put all three together though and you’ll understand just why the condition is such a common by-product of pregnancy and childbirth. You’ll be pretty lucky to escape without any!

The combined effect of these changes puts you at a risk of developing varicose veins because the relaxed and overburdened veins lose their elasticity and weaken the valves which in turn lowers their effectiveness in controlling the blood flow. Pools of blood can accumulate around the one way valves in the veins and it’s then that you have varicose veins.

Don’t Worry

On the positive side though – there’s absolutely nothing to worry about in the vast majority of cases. The issue is pretty much cosmetic and there’s no pain associated. Sure, there is always a very rare exception and if there is any associated pain or if you are concerned in any way whatsoever you should discuss with a medical professional.

For the many though – the result is a bouncy bundle of joy. Oh, and a few unsightly varicose veins which will almost entirely disappear before your baby is four months old!

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How To Prevent Varicose Veins During Pregnancy

Varicose veins that come due to pregnancy may be difficult to completely prevent them but the risk can be minimized using the following approaches.

variscoe veins during pregnancyExercise

It is important to exercise regularly during your pregnancy period. Exercise will give you many benefits during this period. However, most significantly is that it helps you in enhancing your blood circulation. This will reduce cases of edema and swelling of ankles and feet.

Particular exercises that are proven effective are your antenatal exercises, walking and swimming. In particular you could try to exercises which involve bending, stretching and rotating the feet

Weight Maintenance

You need to watch your weight closely. This is because going beyond the recommended weight for your stage of pregnancy can affect your mobility and more so the circulation system. Excess weight puts pressure on the blood vessels on the lower limbs. This in turn makes them less elastic and the valves in them ineffective. This causes varicose veins.


Avoid Standing Or Sitting For Long Periods

Irrespective of the nature of your work or household duties, ensure you do not sit or stand longer than necessary. The standing and sitting postures put pressure on your lower limbs and leads to pooling of blood and other body fluids.

Elevate The Legs

Elevating the legs regularly and, in particularly, at the end of each day for a while can help by reducing the pressure on the lower veins and helping them rest and recover from he days exertions.

Sleeping Position

If you are able to sleep in a position which elevates the legs it will help by relieving pressure. Put pillows under your feet an legs to raise them up if you can.

Wear Compression Stockings

Compression stockings are a great help. Whilst not exactly a fashion statement they can be worn underneath your clothing and so need not be seen. They work by encouraging upward pressure on the legs and therefore helping the veins in their fight against gravity! In other words they help the blood flow back to the heart whilst reducing the pressure on the veins to do all the work themselves.

Compression stockings come in all shapes and sizes – just make sure you get the right size and strength level for you (very important).

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